Neighbors Helping Neighbors

This page is a fundraiser for Stow residents in need of assistance.  Please read below for more information on how to participate.   

As of August 24, we have raised $805.00.

The artists files will be updated from time to time, so check back frequently to find new artwork to purchase.  

Click here for:  Arbor Glen Artists Contributions   updated August 14, 2020 

Click here for:  Stow Artists Contributions   updated July 26, 2020

This fundraiser started with a group of Arbor Glen Condominium artists donating some of their artwork to a cause we are calling “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”  We have now expanded the fundraiser to include other artists from Stow and surrounding communities. 

The idea was inspired by the philanthropic work of a young neighbor in Stow, Isaiah French, who started an organization while in high school that he called “Project Warm Up.”  His work has been with the homeless in Boston and it continues even as he is now in college.  Isaiah volunteered to step up and be the anonymous go-between (with his mother, Rita French), helping to deliver certificates for food and other supplies purchased with the monies donated for the artwork.

This cause will help buy food and other necessities for those seniors and families in Stow who are struggling due to the pandemic, and whose needs are not already being addressed.  Every nickel of the contributions will be used to help these neighbors – there are zero overhead expenses.  This is not meant to compete with other organizations in the town but meant to supplement those efforts and make it even more personal.

The artworks are offered to AG residents for a cash donation – a generous one we hope, but we recommend a minimum of $20.  Many pieces are shown and offered without a frame; if framed, a donor will discuss with the artists a separate donation for the frame.

Attached are photographs of the works being offered along with details of the medium used and the size of each work.  The artists and contact information are also provided.  Please contact the artist directly for any work you are interested in and regarding any questions you may have.  Donations for each work should be given to the artist.  We will then pool the monies for the “AG Neighbors Helping Neighbors” cause and forward the donations to Isaiah and his mother for appropriate distribution to those in need.

The team is always looking for more artists to contribute their work, so please contact any one of us if you are interested in joining this group.  We are all in this together.

For additional information, please contact